15% off any purchase over $15 with the discount code "NIGHTOWL"
15% off any purchase over $15 with the discount code "NIGHTOWL"
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Copyright Notice

We design the logo mark (also known as the logo icon) for our products and services from the scratch; we own the copyright to the logo mark. We may use free fonts with Open Font Licenses (OFL) or paid fonts with Commercial Licenses on the brand/company name part of a combination mark (a combination of a logo mark and a brand/company name), but we do not own and do not claim the copyright to those fonts. Respective font creators own the copyrights.

Our logo file does not include any font files. The font name and download link are included in the information PDF that comes with the logo file. Buyers must manually download it from the original site to get their own license.

After purchasing a Ready-Made or Custom Logo, the buyer will automatically own the copyright to the logo. The logo will no longer be available for purchase, and the purchase button will be deactivated automatically and marked as “SOLD.” We will remove the sold logo's product page once the buyer is satisfied with the logo and gets the final file.