Freebies (Free Vectors, Mockups, or Fonts)

We appreciate your interest in our freebies and hope you find them useful. We make the licensing as simple as possible.

You may:

  1. Use our freebies for both commercial and personal projects.
  2. Use it for unlimited number of clients and projects, with no attribution required. We would really appreciate it if you could give a credit if at all possible.
  3. Share it on your website or blog and use our preview images, but the download link must be redirect to the original page (our blog post). 

You may not:

  1. Sublicense.
  2. Upload the original files to another website without written permission.
  3. Sell our freebies as a stock image, graphic template, or any digital product, either as part of a design or as is without written permission.
    You may use our free fonts in your digital products as design elements (e.g. poster template, t-shirt design template, etc) as long as the font files are not uploaded or embedded. Provide a download link to your customer if you sell designs with editable text.
  4. Create a derivative product based on our freebies. Example, you are not permitted to modify our free vector and then sell it as a new vector stock; or modify our free font and sell it as a new font.