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15% off any purchase over $15 with the discount code "NIGHTOWL"
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Pegasus logo design
horizontal layout
Flying white horse

Flying Pegasus Logo

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Greek mythology has many interesting stories about Gods, Heroes, Titans, etc. In addition, there are also many mythical creatures that have unique characteristics and look good for brand symbol. One of them is Pegasus, a winged horse who is the son of Poseidon, the God of the sea.

This logo design is made with simple and clean shapes to accentuate the sophisticated impression. To make it look more interesting, I give a combination of subtle colors that follow the anatomy, and seem to give a wind effect. As an alternative to black color, you will also get a white version that can be used on a dark background.

Companies rarely use a flying horse as their symbol, this will make your brand image more unique and stand out compared to your competitors.

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