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Solutions for Branding and Logo for Small Business

Graphic Design

Branding is a company’s or product’s entire identity. This is the message you want people to get from your company or product, and it helps you build a reputation for quality and reliability. Branding can be more detailed than just visuals, including advertising and marketing strategies.

What is a branding design?

Branding design is the visual identity of a company that is used to create an emotional connection with customers and distinguish the company from competitors. Logos, fonts, colors, slogans or taglines, websites, stationery such as business cards, envelopes, and letterheads, and so on are all examples of branding designs.

Branding Design for Small Business

The information and rules for its use are written in the Brand Guidelines by the brand designer. This manual includes information on color, corporate typeface, composition, stationery designs, and other topics. These rules are crucial in ensuring that the use of branding adheres to standards and is always consistent.

Clear Space, Brand Guidelines

We can see this from large brands, for example. Hyundai Motor Company’s standard brand color is dark blue (PANTONE 288 C), which is applied to all of their branch offices worldwide. If you come across a Hyundai merchandise item with a colored logo other than that, you should double-check before purchasing it because it may not be an official product.

Despite the fact that these colors have been standardized, businesses can create new color combinations for specific purposes such as new product variants or limited editions.

Coca-Cola Australia has released a Rainbow variant with red, green, pink, purple, and blue cans. This is an interesting thing, and sparked a lot of discussion on social media at the time. Their products usually come in red and white, or red, black, and white for the Zero variant.

What is a logo design?

If branding is the entire human body, then a logo is the head that people see the first time they communicate with us. The term logo is derived from the Greek word λόγος “lógos,” which means “word” or “speech.”

Branding illustration

A logo design is a set of visual elements used to represent the identity of a brand or company. This is at the core of branding design because it is the first thing that customers notice.

They are used in digital marketing campaigns, such as websites and social media, as well as on products and promotional materials.

Logos are classified into several types, including Logomark, Logotype (wordmark), Combination mark (a combination of Logomark and Logotype), Monogram, Emblem, and Mascot.

What Makes a Good logo design?

• Properly represent a brand or company

A good design accurately represents a brand or company, allowing it to create an emotional connection with customers. The design of visual elements has a significant impact here.

A good example is the logos of luxury handbag brands, which are simple and clean, and are appropriate for representing the price of their products, as well as their target market. People will immediately recognize that it is a high-end brand just by looking at it. When wearing these products, users will feel more confident and proud.

Motorcycle club logo example

Motorcycle club logos, on the other hand, are of the emblem type with fairly detailed illustrations and are designed to look strong and tough. People will respect them simply by looking at the logo.

Handbag logos styles cannot represent a motorcycle club, and vice versa. We can see how important it is to design the right logo in this example.

• Has a unique design

There have been millions of logos created around the world over the last few decades. To distinguish your company from the competition, you must have an unique logo. Avoid generic logos because they have been overused and do not appear unique.

Generic company logo

Swoosh, roof, graphic chart, v-man, and other generic elements are examples. Because many people have registered similar designs, it will be difficult to register as a trademark. In the worst-case scenario, several companies will claim the copyright to a similar design, resulting in a copyright conflict.

Even if there are already many logos with the same illustration, brand designers must be able to create something unique.

Branding Solution for small business

A premade logo can be an option for small businesses or startups that don’t have a large budget or simply want to test the market.

This is one that has been completed and is ready for you to use. All products sold on this site are handpicked, sold only once, unique, and can be registered as trademarks.

Our collections can be found here: https://krisatu.com/collections/all

The benefit of a premade logo is that you can see and select the design you want right away. However, if you already have a concept or want a design that accurately represents your company, we will gladly create a custom logo for you. In addition, we can create full branding packages as well as other graphic designs.

If you have any questions about custom designs, please contact us: https://krisatu.com/pages/contact

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